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Behind every great product, there is a great workforce! Even more than ever, companies have to find the best candidates available to maintain their competitive edge. Competition necessitates change. And change necessitates the competitive edge. At Design 2 Solutions, we specialize in permanent and temporary employment services for the Engineering and Technical Industry.

"Fortune 500 customers look to us for their placement needs!"

Our temporary employment services can fill your short-term as well as long-term assignments. We have a database of qualified Engineers and Designers who are professionals in Product Development and Computer Aided Design (CAD). Our goal is not only to assist you in maintaining your project schedule, but also to increase the number of projects that can be completed due to the lack of manpower or resources.

"Design 2 Solutions has the resources and expertise to meet your needs!"

In addition, we have a complete Engineering and Computer Aided Design team in our office to support your short term assignments that are often hard to fill. We work closely with your Engineering team to ensure a good understanding of the intended product and specifications.

We also supply CAD services on-site with or without a CAD workstation, depending on your project demands and timeline.

For additional information about our employment services, please contact a Design 2 Solutions representative.


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